Library Services

Library Users

The following persons are allowed to use the library as readers:

  1. All members of the university as specified below:
  • All members of the teaching, administrative and technical staff of the university.
  • All registered students of the university.
  1. Spouses of senior staff of the university mentioned in (1) above.
  2. Persons from outside the university (herein called “external readers”) who, on written application to the University Librarian, have obtained permission to use the library. For this group, the claims of scholarship and research are given first consideration.
  3. Visiting research students (including occasional students) certified and recommended by their Heads of Departments, and staying not less than one academic year at the university.
  4. Visiting fellows and associates on the same condition as (4) above.

Each library user, with or without borrowing privileges, must register in the library before making use of the library.

Undergraduate student has the privilege of borrowing two (2) books for a period of four days renewable twice.

Postgraduate student has the privilege to borrow four (4) books for two weeks.


General Rules

  • Silence must be maintained in the reading rooms of the library.
  • Brief-cases, parcels, raincoats etc. must not be taken into the reading area of the library.
  • The consumption of food and drink in the library, other than in the staff common room, is not permitted.
  • Bottles of ink may not be brought into the library.
  • Air-conditioning controls should not be altered without consulting the library supervisor or his representatives.
  • All readers leaving the library must show all books/papers in their possession to the security staff at the entrances or on request to any member of library staff.
  • All readers should switch off their GSM handsets upon entering the library. Distractions caused by sudden telephone GSM ringing tone may earn the owner summary dismissal from the library for that day.
  • Books and periodicals consulted by the readers should be left on the reading table.
  • No library user will be allowed to borrow any other book if he/she is in possession of any overdue book.
  • All books marked “for reference only” cannot be borrowed.
  • Mutilation of library books is forbidden.
  • Closed access materials such as projects, dissertations, theses, private collection, monographs and manuscripts as well as rare works are not available for loan.
  • All cases of stealing, mutilation or defacement of library books and journals shall be regarded serious offences and shall be referred to the Students Disciplinary Committee.
  • Staff members who default shall have the cost of the item/s deducted from their salaries.
  • Periodicals (bound and unbound), as well as reference materials shall not be borrowed from the university library except by the special permission of the University Librarian.
  • Before leaving the university finally, users shall return all books on loan to them and surrender their library tickets in exchange for signing of their clearance certificates
  • The university shall reserve the right to suspend or withdraw library privileges from persons who contravene university library regulation and refer such cases to the appropriate university authority for further disciplinary action.

Electronic Services

The library subscribes to e-books and e-journals which can be accessed from all Library computer labs. These can also be accessed from the library if a user has a laptop through wireless connectivity.